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Wet Okole Seat Covers

Wet Okole Seat Covers

Part #:

Since I lived in Hawaii, I already knew how good these seat covers were.  I put a set on my Grand Cherokee since we wanted to keep the seats nice and clean in it.  Okay, the wife wanted them because they looked pretty.  Now these are a little expensive and made out of CR 100% neoprene wet suit material.  I never had a problem with them getting a little wet from going to the beach.  Now don't expect these to be a raincoat for the seats, you can still get wet seats if you leave the Jeep out in the pouring rain uncovered, but they will fend off the unexpected midday shower.  They also don't get hot in the summer or cold in the winter, but don't expect them to be warm in the morning on a cold winter day.  They will be the same temp as everything else in the Jeep.  I went with the Purple Aloha print since I wanted a little color in the Jeep other than something plane.  Yes, I had to be different.

TYPE UV Protection OZONE Protection Flammable
SBR Poor Poor Yes
CR Good Good No

Our boxing neoprene is laminated with nylon on both sides, making it twice as strong. No rubber touches your seat material which is especially important with leather or vinyl seats.neoprene layers
All seating surfaces are 1/2" foam padded for extra comfort and added protection.

purple aloha pattern
Purple Aloha pattern


Additional Parts:
Tools Needed:
Phillips screw driver #2



all seat covers layed out rubicon embossing installed


1. Separate out the left and right sides.  You will then need to unscrew the seat tilt lever from the seat by removing the single Phillips screw at the top and pulling off the plastic end of the lever.  Gently pull the plastic surround outwards from the top to clear the screw post and then lift up.  It has a small hook on the bottom that clips into the seat so you need to go up.  

seat latch latch removed
2.  Now carefully pull the seat cover over the seat.  There is a flap at the bottom of the seat that is furry.  Wet Okole says to flip it up, but it wraps around the side.  I left it down after trying to play with it for a little while.  The Velcro on the seat cover will stick to it so it is kind of a pain. sliding the front back down
3. Now all you need to do is tuck the front bottom flap of the seat cover underneath and attach it to the Velcro on the back side.  It is fun stuffing your hand under the back of the seat to pull out the front flap.  It doesn't come out very far and it is a little struggle to get the Velcro stuck together and not to the seat. front back installed
4. Now put the seat tilt lever back together. latch reinstalled
5. The bottoms are fairly easy, but getting the straps connected underneath is a real pain. front bottom seat straps
6. Unhook the straps and feed the back side through under the top of the seat back.  You can use the straps to pull the fabric through.  You will need to feed the seat belt through the seat cover inserting over seatbelt
7. The tilt lever needs to go through the small hole in the side.  I think Wet Okole could have put the hole a little further forward on the side.  Pull the seat until it is snug around the bottom. seat cover around seat lever
8. Now feed the straps underneath the seat and connect them to the front.  Once you have them connected, you just tighten up on them until they hold the seat cover snug.  Loop the strap ends around itself so that it doesn't get hung up on any moving parts.
9. Connect the Velcro sides in the rear. bottom rear velcro
10.  Double check the seat to make certain that everything lines up and is properly positioned. front seats done


1. I found it much easier to just remove the rear seat and work on it on the ground. rear seat removed
2. I started with the bottom since I would be flipping the seat over on the ground.  Undo all the straps on the bottom.  Their are 5 in this case. bottom cover
3. I slipped the seat cover on the seat, and pushed the straps underneath the back.  I then folded and flipped the seat onto it's back with the bottom up.  All that has to be done then is connect and tighten up the straps.  I did the center first and did the ends last. bottom cover strapped on
4. Now the top is another slip on, but you need to remove the surround from the rear pull lever.  So unscrew the 2 Phillips screws and pull the housing up and out.  The lever stays put.
5. Now pull the top down over and feed the bottom underneath the back and Velcro in place. rear seat bottom velcro
6. Now Velcro the sides together. rear seat side velcro
7. Now reinstall the surround for the pull lever. Dsc01438.jpg (178282 bytes)
8. All done rear seat installed

How do I clean my seat covers?

The more you wash, the longer they last. Washing your Wet Okole Hawaii seat covers will ultimately extend the life of your seat covers. Wet suit shampoo was specifically designed for cleaning and conditioning neoprene products. Cleaning with wet suit shampoo removes organic residue, micro-organisms and salt deposits that contribute to the deterioration of neoprene. Conditioning with wet suit shampoo helps prevent excessive drying, premature aging and oxidation of neoprene while continuing to keep the colors bright. Since Wet Okole Hawaii seat covers are waterproof, just wash the seat covers right on the vehicle. No hassles of taking the seat covers on or off. Combine water with your wet suit shampoo. Use a lint-free cloth and wash your seat covers thoroughly. Rinse your seat covers with fresh water and towel dry. DO NOT USE BLEACH OR DETERGENTS CONTAINING BLEACH! DO NOT USE A BRUSH or MACHINE WASH! HAND WASH and AIR DRY ONLY! 

How can I remove odors?

Due to the extraordinary use by hunters, fisherman, athletes and pet owners, Wet Okole Hawaii offers an odor eliminator called Mirazyme. Mirazyme eliminates any odor naturally through a microbial process that is 100% biodegradable. This odor eliminator used in conjunction with wet suit shampoo will eliminate any odor and give you a fresh set of seat covers after every wash. Mirazyme can be purchased directly from Wet Okole or any other Wet Okole Hawaii seat cover dealer. This product along with wet suit shampoo will help extend the life of your seat covers.

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