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Extra Tow Hook

Extra Tow Hook

Part #:

I don't remember the number of times where I’ve gotten stuck and needed to be pulled out from behind and had the tow hook in a bad location, or just couldn't get to it. Now since the Jeep came with a tow hook over on the driver side, I figured why not put one over on the passenger side. I tried to find a hook the curved the opposite way as the driver side, but didn't have any luck, so I decided to just install another driver side hook over on the passenger side. The clearance around the muffler was a little tight, but it does fit.

Additional Parts:
Stock Tow Hook
Tools Needed:
18mm combo wrench


Installation: (Make certain muffler is cool to the touch, I won’t be responsible for you burning your body on this.)
1. Remove bottom bumper bolt. This requires an 18mm combo wrench. Patients on this one, I couldn't get a socket in there and didn't have a ratcheting box end wrench so it takes a little time.
2. Insert bolt through the end hole on the tow hook (this is the one that gets the capture nut inside the frame) and insert it up and into the hole on the frame. You may need to push on the muffler a little to allow it to clear up into there.
extra tow hook
3. Insert the capture nut into the frame and thread the bolt into it by hand.
mounting location above muffler
4. Insert the bumper bolt through the tow hook and thread it back into the frame.
5. Tighten both bolts using an 18mm combo wrench. Remember patients, this takes a while.
installed tow hook
bolt close to muffler


  N-m Ft. Lbs. In. Lbs.
Rear Bumper Bolt 67 50 --
Rear Tow Hook Bolt 67 50 --

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