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MORE Driver Side Dead Pedal

M.O.R.E. Driver Side Dead Pedal

Part #: DP0709

So many times I have been offroad driving down a steep incline and just couldn't get enough leg length to push off the front floorboards. One time I found myself pushing on the brake pedal and was almost unable to get off of it to apply power to get out of a near roll over. Sometimes just having a place to rest your foot during a long drive is nice. My wifes honda has one and I find it really nice on long drives. Mountain Off Road Enterprises has made Dead Pedals for quite a few years. I picked one up for the JK's. This is a really stout piece of hardware. I was actually surprised at how much it weighed.

Additional Parts:
Soft Pad for the door.

Tools Needed:
10mm Socket
T30 Torx (older model Jeeps)

M.O.R.E. Instructions

What you get. (1) Dead Pedal bracket, (2) 6mm screws, washers and lock washers.
1. Open the driverside door.
2. Disconnect the wiring harness for the door. The red tab pulls down and you press the small button just underneath it.
3. Remove the door limit strap from the hook. This is on fairly tight, so be patient working the loop up over the hook.

4. Slowly swing the door open and put a pad between the mirror and the cowl. Otherwise you will have a nice dent in the side of your cowl.
NOTE: Do not push on your door while it is open all the way, it will make a nice dimple in your cowl.

5. Remove the bolts that hold the limiting strap hook on with a 10mm socket.
6. Remvoe the two nuts holding the ground wires on to the side of the Jeep. Do not remove the ground wires.
My hook originally stayed on the side of the Jeep, I didn't feel a need to pull it off since it will be remaining in the original location, of course it fell off and hit me in the back of the wrist. I compared the screws that came witht the kit to the original bolts and saw that they were the same size, so I just reused the OEM bolts. Some of the older model Jeeps had shorter screws holding the hook on.
7. Install the Dead Pedal Bracket over the 2 ground wire studs and reinstall the nuts. Do Not Tighten these down. Make sure the ground wires are angled straight up. Reinstall the bolts through the Dead Pedal Bracket and limiting strap bracket into the body of the Jeep. Tighten up the bolts, and snug down the nuts. The nuts do not have a lot of thread to engage on so overtightening can cause them to strip.
8. Sit in the driver seat and check the pedal position for comfort. You may need to change to one of the other positions for the best fit. I haven't found any guide as to what fit who the best. Mine is set to the furthest forward position currently.
9. Reconnect the door retainer strap and electrical connector if you have power windows and mirrors. Don't forget to push the red tab back up.
Stand Back and admire your handywork.


Mountain Off Road Enterprises, LLC

P.O. Box 690
Delta, CO 81416

  N-m Ft. Lbs. In. Lbs.

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