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CB Mike Holder Jeep JK 2011+

Dash Mounted Mic Holder

Part #:

I was looking for a way to hold my CB Mic on my dash and really didn't feel like drilling any holes in it to just mount a holder. I had seen the old mount for the 2010 and back that went behind the trim and used the screws for the radio. You can't do that with the new 2011 + dash. I did see a few plastic ones by RAM mount, but they looked bigger than I wanted and most were set up to hold 2 things. Very good idea if you need to mount extra GPS units. I also saw a couple mounts similar to the one that I bought, but both of them were $40. One of them actually started at about $20 when I first saw it and it quickly jumped up in price. I had templated the design for one, but didn't get around to cutting it out of sheet metal and bending it. I probably spent about 20 minutes to make the template, so I really couldn't see the $40 price tag. I chanced across one for $10 on Amazon so I bought it.

Additional Parts:

Tools Needed:
Trim removal tool
8mm nut driver
Phillips screwdriver
Small Adjustable wrench


The Mic holder is bent sheet metal. Didn't measure the gauge, but it's actually pretty stiff and requires some force bend. The actual holder for the CB mic is on the cheaper side, but I didn't expect much any ways. Not many ways to make a CB mike holder for the button on the back.
Assembly and Installation:
1. Install the supplied CB mic holder using the supplied bracket, small bolts and nuts. The bottom holes are for the Mic holder. The upper holes can be used on some other types of mounts, or you can even drill your own holes to match whatever mount you have.
Note: The screws that you can see are just dummy screws and only go into the plastic. The real screws are behind the trim piece.
2. Remove the trim from the handle using a trim removal tool.
3. Remove the two screws holding the handle onto the dash with an 8mm nut driver. You might be able to get a small socket, and extension in there, but it's really tight.
4. Slide the oval end of the Mic holder over the shaft on the grab handle. Make sure you have the holder going in the right direction.
5. Reinstall the handle on the dash. The screws can be a little hard to get back in the holes. Line up the edges of the Mic holder with the edges of the grab handle before you tighten down the screws.
6. Reinstall the trim by pressing it back into the grab handle.
Installed pictures.
After bouncing around off road I did notice that the holder will tend to rotate down slightly. This is due to the oval hole not being perfectly snug around the plastic shaft on the back of the handle. Probably wouldn't be that big of a deal with just a regular Mic, but the 75wx is pretty heavy.



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