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Teraflex Rear Shock Relocators

TeraFlex Rear Shock Relocators

Part #:

Oh the taller suspension lifts you will find that the cans on the rear shocks hit the lower spring perches.  Now you can flip the shocks over, but shocks are really designed to be installed on way, so unless you have a shock that specifically states to be mounted can up, you are actually reversing the compression and rebound valving.  This will give you a poorer ride than if they were mounted the correct way.  Now I am only going up 2 inches, but even then the OME shocks get close to the perch, so I decided to go ahead an install the relocators.  I also thought that if I need to rotate the pinion angle when I do a belly up skid, I will already have these installed.  I looked at everyone who made these.  Some were just formed metal that clamped around the original shock, and then there was Teraflex.  These are made out of a solid block of metal.  It is going to be hard to damage these.  They do not change your ground clearance, and actually raise the lower mount eye of the shock up slightly.  This concerned me a little, but I wasn't bottoming out the shock with the stock setup so I felt okay at this point.

Additional Parts:
Tools Needed:
3/4" Combo wrench
15mm Combo wrench
18mm Combo wrench
3/4" Socket
9/16" Socket
15mm Socket



Installation couldn't be simpler.  Okay the Rubicon's rear shocks are really strong.  I actually need a jack to push the shock back up.   
Teraflex relocators
1. Remove the lower shock bolt.  You will need a 15mm socket (combo wrench) and an 18mm combo wrench to get it out.
stock shock location
2. Now install the Teraflex Shock Relocator bracket.   This goes inside the stock bracket and bolts in with one 9/16" bolt from behind, and the stock bolt in it's original spot.
 teraflex relocator installed
3. Now all you need to do is install the shock into the bracket with the supplied bolt.  I needed a jack to lift the shock back up, but it was easy to guide into the bracket and hold long enough to install the bolt.
 end view of tera relocator

I ended up having to take these off after I put the lift in.  I was having the shocks bottom out before the bumpstops compressed, so I figured it would be better to wait until I had installed a lifted skid plate and had to rotate the pinion angle.

Update: Now that I have installed my Rubicon Express Suspension, I needed to reinstall these so that I could keep the shocks away from the spring perch.  The one thing I noticed was that the shocks now come very close to the exhaust system, sometimes resting right against it.  This will need to be fixed by a muffler shop


  N-m Ft. Lbs. In. Lbs.

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