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Rampage D-Ring Shackles

Rampage D-Ring Shackles

Part #:

Well after a friend of mine whom I won’t mention, right Mac, convinced me to not install a set of tabs on the front of my Toys by Troy front stinger bumper, I went looking for a way to install some D-rings to the front end with out having to do any welding. I was satisfied with just using the tow hooks for the time being. They were fine but had some limitations on pulls that were at any angle up from horizontal. Even with the spring clips on the rope would work it’s way off, or just make me uncomfortable having it at this angle. So when Rampage products came out with their universal shackles I figured I would give them a try. These shackle mounts will bolt on to CJ’s, YJ’s and TJ’s. The plate is drilled to accept all the bolt combinations. First off Rampage is the old Steel Horse as I am told and by the quality of what arrived in this box I would say that's pretty much correct. Though it did come with one nice part out of the pile. Though I can't say that the price tag justifies this. If they wouldn't have screwed up and stated that it was a set of 2 vice what the meant as 1 I wouldn't have even considered getting these. Then again I won't mention who convinced me not to get tabs welded onto my Toys by Troy front stinger bumper.

Additional Parts:
Tools Needed:
T-55 Torx
3/4” socket

For the TJ installation, you will use the two holes furthest from the shackle. TJ factory bumpers with rubber cushions require the rear spacer on the shackle housing to raise the entire unit up for clearance. You may also use spacers for clearance of some aftermarket bumpers. The kit comes with two spacers. One, 2 hole spacer and One single hole spacer. I was mounting on top of a Warn winch plate so I didn’t need any spacers.

Here is the parts that come in the kit. I threw out the d-rings and the bolts. The D-ring had no markings on it at all, so I decided safe was better than sorry. I dug up some of my d-rings that I had sitting on my shelf. The bolts had a marking on them of BJE. I couldn't locate this code anywhere, and after asking nobody that I knew was able to find it. I threw them out in favor of some Grade 8's.
Shackle kit
1. Remove factory tow hooks or factory bumper bolts. Use a T-55 Torx to remove the bolts.
old tow hook
2. This would be a good time to clean up the mount area, I had a little bit of dirt and rust under mine. clean of dirt
3. Mount the shackle with the 2 supplied 1/2 x 3” coarse thread bolts. Use a 3/4” socket to tighten the bolts. Be careful that you don’t cross thread these bolts. I put anti-seize on the bolts.
Note: You can mount the plate either way up, I just decided to put the lettering right side up. Torque bolt to 60 ft/lb’s
install new mount
4. Here is what it looks like installed. I just clears the bars in the bumper for a nice tight fit. side view front view
5. Attach the D-ring shackle to the front of the plate. top view with shackle installed front view with shackle installed
These shackle kits can be mounted on any flat surface on the frame of any vehicle using the supplied nuts and bolts.

Opinions: Well to put it mildly there is only one fairly good part on here and it's the bracket. The D-ring is junk. The bolts are extremely questionable. The bracket is already starting to show age, no corrosion yet, but I haven't taken any hard pulls on it. Oh and the price is absolutely ridiculous. My recommendation is not to buy these at all.

Rampage Products
18501 Collier Ave A-101
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

  N-m Ft. Lbs. In. Lbs.

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