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Cobra 75wx st CB Radio

Cobra 75wx st CB Radio

Part #:

I have used lots of CB in the past and really loved a few that I had.  Well with the new TJ's space is at a premium and I didn't want to make the interior any more inviting for those that just can't keep their hands off of things.  I looked around at all the CB's and even tried to test fit a few into the vehicle.  I saw a few articles about cutting the center console so that they would fit, and more about mounting it up on the roll bar.  I saw the Cobra 75wx in an ad and later found it on a few websites.  All the controls in the handset, and a box that remains hidden behind or below stuff.  The best thing is that you can buy extra boxes and mount them in your other vehicles.  That way you only need to move the handset from vehicle to vehicle.  The Rubi just isn't good on real long trips.  That's why I have a ZJ. Most of the club outing that I have ever been require a CB radio to keep in contact.  Now with the limited space that comes standard with every Jeep the question arises where to put one.  There are all sorts of great products out there to mount a CB radio to. 

Additional Parts:
Mini Fuse tap
Wire end connectors
Tools Needed:
Flat tip screwdriver
Pliers or small adjustable wrench
#1 Phillips/ Prince & Reed screwdriver
File or Dremel


The hardest things about install is where to drill the hole for the connection and how to wire it up.  In my '99 I drilled a hole in the side of the center console and ran the connector out the side.  Now with my new one I wanted to put the connector somewhere that if I ever decide to move it the cost of replacing that piece of plastic would be minimal.   I decided that the coin holder would be a great place to put it. Now in hindsight it is a real pain to try and hook up the handset.  I can live with it, but it would have probably been better to just run the cable out the bottom edge of the center console. Cobra CB


Connection Box:
To install the box, all you do is gently pry up the coin holder
Coin holder holder removed
2. Now drill a hole in the center of it.  I took the mounting plate for the cable, inserted the grommet in it and then carefully traced the outline on the plastic bottom of the coin holder.  Just to make certain that I didn't make an error I drilled the hole a little smaller, I could always enlarge it with the Dremel. holder drilled
3. Once I got the hole to fit the grommet, I inserted the plate and drilled the 2 holes for the screws.   Run your cable through the grommet and bolt the plate in. connector mounted up
4.  Now just slide the box under the front edge of the console, it will sit forward of the 4wd selector lever.  I do have a few concerns about filling the cab up with water with this sitting so low, but I will try not to do that.

reinstall coin holder

view how it looks installed
5.   Run the power and ground wire out.  I kept these together and ran the power cable to the fuse box.  I spent a little while searching for the old wires that used to be here, but to find out that they removed them.  Since there is no accessory wiring anymore in the '03's I decided to tap into an unused fuse location on the fuse box.  This spot would normally house the fuse for the hard top, but now only has power going to it.  The wiring to the fuse box is temporary until I can put in an accessory fuse panel and ground strip or I connect directly to the back of the fuse box.  I found a convenient ground nearby.

UPDATE: I rerouted the power wire to the new plug that I installed as part of the Painless wiring harness.

Fuse box tapping a fuse ground wire


Now that we have the hard part over with it is time to install an antenna.  Okay I went with a cheap Magnetic mount antenna for the time being.  I need to decide on a rear tire carrier before I buy an antenna.  So in my case just run the wiring down along the driver side along the existing wiring harness holders and over to the box.  You should still be able to get a hold of it to connect the cable.  Then just stuff it back under.  I don't have anything holding mine, and it doesn't rattle, nor has it come out.  If that ever does happen I will put it down with a little bit of Velcro.
driver side molding cable up along roll bar following along hard top wiring CB antenna in back


This just screws in to the connector and then ends up lying in my cup holder.  I also have a FRS radio that I take off-road, so I use that most of the time when I am in a small group.
Mic connected

I haven't installed one of these yet.  I still need to figure out where I want to put one and then find one that will suit my purposes.

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