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K&N Drop in Air Filter

K&N Filtercharger

Part #: 33-2364

I had removed my AEM brute force intake some time ago, but still wanted something more than the paperfilter that was in the Jeep. I decided to pick up a K&N filter for the JK and pop it in. I really haven't noticed any differences, but with the way the gas prices are, easy on the throttle and cruise control are becoming a norm for driving. I picked one up from Mike at 4x4 Rockshop.

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I'm not really going to insult anyone's intelligence on this one. Undo the 4 clips holding the lid of your air box on. Pull out the old filter, install the new filter, put the lid back on and refasten the clips.
A quick comparison between the K&N and the OEM filter.
Don't forget to install the sticker. It kind of works on top of the air box, but is difficult to get to stick. I don't know how long it will last there. I have had a technician throw away the filter because he said it was dirty. I'm glad I checked the work order. Though they could not find the filter in the tech's trash can.

K&N Engineering, Inc.
1455 Citrus St.
Riverside, California 92507
(800) 858-3333
(951) 826-4000
230 Oxmoor Circle #1111
Homewood, AL 35209
Sales Questions: (205) 942-9999
To Place Orders: (877) 4x4-ROCK

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