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Kiddie Fire Extinguisher

Kiddie Fire Extinguisher

Part #:

I didn't choose any fire extinguisher that was around, I made a conscious choice on this one.  Okay they were on sale at Home Depot and Kiddie is a reputable name.   

Additional Parts:
Screws and Nuts
Tools Needed:
appropriate tools for screws and nuts
File or Dremel


Since most clubs require you to have a fire extinguisher when you are out on the trails and it is a smart idea to have one anyway's.  I have seen them mounted all over the vehicle.  Clipped to the roll bar, next to the drivers seat, stuffed into any small hole that will hold it.  I have also seen the lucky branch grab it from the roll bar and even trigger it.  I have also seen how far one of these will fly if the head gets broken off.   So since I had already installed an old insta-trunk in the back I had plenty of space to put one in a safe location.  Now if it triggers it is just going to spay the back and tree limbs shouldn't be able to get to it.  I do recommend getting the metal bracket that usually comes separate from the extinguisher.  One note on the Insta-Trunk.  This one is from my old 98, but it still bolts right up.  The big difference is that the new seat no longer requires the trunk to be notched for the hinges, so I lose some space putting this one in.  You can drill steel, but the new plastic trunks are another thing.
1. I found a convenient space just in front of the Hi-lift Jack on my Insta-trunk.  I installed the fire extinguisher into the bracket and then positioned it.  I had another person remove the extinguisher while I held the bracket in position.   positioning extinguisher
2.  Now I marked and drilled the holes for the bracket.  I deburred the holes and touched them up with some paint. mount next to hi-lift
3.  Once you get the bracket bolted up all you need to do is install the extinguisher and you are done.  I may eventually move this over to add a second extinguisher, or maybe even a larger one. Fire extinguisher installed

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