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Level 8 Strike 5 Wheels

Level 8 Strike 5 Wheels

Part #: 16 X8.5 5-127.00 -6 BKMTXX

It finally came time to put new tires on the Jeep, and I wanted to move up to about a 35" tire, not much more, I don't really wheel it as much as I used to. Not so much due to lack of desire, but more due to everything getting closed around my house. I had a budget to stay within, so I had a choice, between new tires for the 17's and spacers, or new tires and 16" wheels. If I had the money I would have probably gone back to a set of beadlocks like the Walker Evan's that I ran before (heavy, heavy) or AEV's. I had seen the Level 8 Strike 5's on another Jeep and like the looks of them. I kept shopping around to see what I could come up with for a price and finally Discount Tire Direct had a sale going on.

Durable Three Stage Painted Finish
The base coat consists of a powder primer, the second coat is automotive grade paint and the last coat is a protective UV resistant clear.

Low Pressure Cast Aluminum Construction
This makes Level 8 wheels typically lighter and stronger than traditional gravity cast aluminum wheels.

TPMS Valve Compatible
All Level 8 wheels are TPMS compatible.

1 year from the date of purchase for workmanship and material defects for finish. Lifetime Structural Warranty for manufacturer defects.

No matter if you find yourself in the hills, the rocks, in a mud hole, or driving on the street, Level 8 Motorsports is the company for all of your alloy wheel needs. Our innovative and classic styles, superior manufacturing processes and utmost concern with making a quality product set us apart. We pride ourselves on having what the customer is asking for. Superior quality product, that is safe, affordable and looks great on your car, truck or SUV. Think Level 8 Motorsports!

Brand Level 8 Motorsports
Model Strike 5
Product Dimensions 16 x 8.5 inches
Exterior  Matte Black
Manufacturer Part Number 61912
Construction  1-piece
Rim Diameter  16 inches
Rim Width  8.5 inches
Bolt Pattern (Pitch Circle Diameter)  5 inches
Backspace  4.51 inches
Bore Diameter  88.5 millimeters


Additional Parts:
(5) 2012 TPMS Sensor (315mhz) -
(5) Schrader 20018 valve stems

Tools Needed:
Valve steam tool
T-15 Torx screw driver


Level 8 Strike 5 Wheel Matte Black. 16x8.5 5-127mm (5-5") -6mm backspacing. The wheel mounting kit is actually a set of 25 gorrilla locking lug nuts. They do come in black or chrome.
TPMS Removal and Reinstalation:
My 2012 came with TPMS installed, so when I received the new rim's I needed to swap them over before I installed the tires on them. This unfortunately left my Jeep sitting on blocks while I took the wheels to have the tires removed so I could access the sensors. If you take it to a place to have the tires removed from the wheels, let them know you have TPMS, otherwise they might try to yank the valve stem out of the tire to air it down, breaking your TPMS sensor. The sensors are not cheap. Dealership wanted $80 each.

You will need to pick up five (5) Schrader valve stems. Part #20018 from your local auto parts store. These were about $2 each. Had to go to 5 stores to get them. I recommend picking up six of them since I snapped one putting it in. You can always return the unused one.

Note: Double check for your model year and wheel for the correct valve stem.

1. Using valve stem tool, install the valve stems into the wheels. I give the valve stem a little coat of water to help it slide in. I still managed to snap one.
2. Remove the TPMS sensors from the old wheels. You can leave the valve stem installed in the old wheel. Unscrew the torx head screw holding the sensor to the valve stem. Discard the screw or reinstall it in the old valve stem.
3. Remove the torx screw from the valve stem in the new wheel and install the TPMS sensor.
4. Now all you need to do is have the tire mounted on the wheel and air it up. Mine needed to be aired up to 37psi before the sensor will reset. It triggers low tire pressure at about 32psi.

Level 8 Motorsports

Discount Tire Direct

Phone: 800.589.6789
For Sales, Customer Service and All Inquiries.

Discount Tire Direct
24350 N. 20th Dr.
Building C, Suite 134
Phoenix, AZ 85085

FAX: 602.735.1895

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