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Goferit Motor Mount Lift

Goferit Motor Mount Lift

Part #:

I was going to install a Goferit Motor Mount lift on a friends Rubi, until we started looking at the parts that came.  Here is my initial look at the kit.  I was amazed at the poor craftsmanship that went into this.  While the mount was a beefy 1" block of steel, the ends were sharp, still had metal edges on it.  What 15seconds with an angle grinder would have solved.  The holes were not deburred, geez, another 5 seconds there.   The new nut (if you could call it that) and sleeve that would thread up onto the factory stud on the factory mount fit into the hole so sloppily that I was amazed at this, how hard would it be to drill a hole that matched the size of the sleeve.  The hole that the longer bolt went through was almost twice the diameter of the bolt.  I was scared that this would just flop around under the factory mount.  I was not impressed at all.  Then I read the instructions, they are amazingly complete.  This I actually liked, until I read the part that you had to drill out the factory mounts on the frame to 9/16".  This of course would require a 1/2" angle drill to get into the frame point.  This is where I drew the line and suggest that we just toss this mess back into the box and not install it. 

Additional Parts:
Tools Needed:
18mm combo wrench
18mm socket
15mm socket
11mm socket
Long extensions for the sockets
1/2" angle Drill
9/16" Drill bit



Well since we didn't install these I figured I would just show you some pictures of what they looked like.
goferit parts sloppy hole sloppy hole  
You can see how much slop is in the hole for the sleeve.  I stuck it in both holes just to make certain.  The screw is just a little bit smaller than the sleeve, so you can imagine how much slop is over on that side.

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