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Toy's by Troy front bumper light bar

Toys by Troy Front Bumper Light Bar

Part # 4025

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Well once I got the TBT stinger installed, I realized that I had no place to mount my fog lights.  I did remember that Troy made a light bar for his bumpers, but I had forgotten to order one when I got mine.  Oh well a quick phone call back to Mac and I had one on the way.   Here's the link to his site, he's going to continue to add products, so who knows what will show up next.  Of course UPS delivered this as late as they could on Friday, but it was still light out so I decided to go ahead and put it on.  Pretty easy install.


Additional Parts:
82203244 - Fog Light Extensions
Tools Needed:
3/4" Socket
13mm Socket
3/4" Combo wrench
13mm Combo wrench
Wire Brush
Flat Tip Screwdriver


This is a nice heavy piece of metal.  It has multiple (5) holes drilled in the top to support various combinations of lights. Light bar light bar
1. First thing you need to do is remove the bolts that were installed in the holes on the front of you bumper.  2 of these came installed with the bumper from Troy.  In my case I decided to put other bolts in the other 2 holes so that I wouldn't get any dirt packed in there.  You will need a 3/4" socket to remove these. bumper
2. Now take out your hi-lift jack (if your installing one, otherwise skip this).  Hold the jack up to the 4 holes and see which 2 line up the best.  Some hi-lifts are different than others and may take either the outer or the inner holes.  In my case mine took the outer ones. remove hi lift
3. Now I did a quick test fit of the light bar to make certain I had plenty of clearance around it. test fit test fit test fit
4. Now anti-seize about 1" of the all thread and insert the 2 pieces that came with the bumper into the holes that you will be using for your hi-lift jack.  I screwed them in until I had 1 1/2" of all-thread sticking out of the bumper.  This will give you 1 1/2 times the diameter of all-thread in the hole.  Plenty for a good support.  I had to clean up the 2 pieces of all-thread with the wire brush because of debris in the threads.   1.5" sticking out
5. I then threaded down the nut to make certain there would be no problems, I even installed the t-handle on it to make certain that I wasn't out to far.  Note I still need to reinstall the light bar in this picture. testing with t handle
6. Now slide the light bar over the 2 studs and insert the bolts from the bumper into their holes.  You may need to play with the plate a little, because it is a tight fit.  You will need a 3/4" socket to tighten these down. installing the bar
7. Now carefully thread down the nuts over the all-thread.  I ended up with 7/8" remaining beyond the nut.  Tighten down these with a 3/4" combo wrench. tightening the bolts
8. I now installed the hi-lift jack into place and tightened down the t-handles to hold it secure.  I do need to install a cable lock for the hi-lift, so it will go into the back of the jeep again for a little while.  Troy does make a lock system for this.  As you can see the jack sits nicely inside the angles of the bumper.  My only concern is that it sits forwards a little so may get hit by a rock if you get lucky enough.
reinstall hi lift reinstall hi lift reinstall hi lift
9.  I decided to reuse my stock fog lights on the light bar.  You will need a 13mm socket to remove them from the old bumper and a 13mm combo wrench to install them on the light bar.  Not a lot of clearance underneath.  As you can see one problem you will have is that the stock fogs have a locating tab in the back.  Simple fix with a pair of pliers and a hammer, just pound it smooth.  I installed them in the outer holes in the top.  I will be mounting a single fog or pencil beam in the center to shine through the stinger bumper. factory fog mod install factory fog
10.  I decided to angle mine outwards since I normally only use them on the trails, and the stinger sits in front of them.  They now sit high enough that they will be illegal to use on the road since they are at the same height as the stock headlights. aiming out aiming out aiming out
11.  Now if you've been following this install have figured out that the cables on the lights are now two short in this location.  Don't worry Jeep actually thought about this already. wire ends wire ends
12.  Now find where you put the extension cables from Jeep. factory extensions
13.  You will need to remove the tree from the stock cable.  It's located on the fog light.  To remove you will need to insert a scribe into the center hole on cable side of the tree.  There is a small tab inside that needs to be pushed up at the same time you slide the tree towards the cable.  Not really easy to do, but once you get the tree moved over a little, you can get a flat tip screwdriver into the end an push it all the way off. DSC02475.JPG (61792 bytes)
14.  This is what the underside of the tree looks like.  You will need to slide this onto the extension cable. fender mount mount reinstalled on wire
15. Now all you need to do is plug the cable in to the factory harness and to the fog light.  The tree goes back into the stock location that it originally came out of. wire installed
lights at night lights at night lights at night
Fogs On
lights at night
Fogs Off

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