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The dealer trunks are all plastic, or if you have an old factory one the hinges wouldn't support the weight of the Hi-Lift and won't fit into my plans.  Since I had an old steel Insta-Trunk lying around the garage I decided to see if it would fit.  It was already drilled for the Hi-lift jack and Fire extinguisher, and I had no place to store my recovery gear besides laying it out in the open.  Luckily this one fit the 2003 models.  The only bad thing about it is that I no longer need the cutouts on each side since they did away with hinges on the back seats.  I will probably end up designing something as soon as I can find someone with a good welder and bender I can borrow. 

Additional Parts:
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1. Pull back the carpet on both sides of the wheel wells you will see 4 rubber plugs in the body.  Pull these out and insert the rubber well nuts in their place.
Pull back carpet
remove plugs from side
plugs vs pliers
insert well nuts
2.  Put the carpet back, insert the insta-trunk and carefully line up the holes with the slight bulge in the carpet.  Closing the tailgate will help in the positioning.  I then took a scribe and found the center of the well nut.  Poked a hole through the carpet and then pushed the screw through.  This gives a nice tight fit and doesn't do a lot of damage to the carpet.
insta trunk install and mark carpet screw in bolts
3.  Now if you bought one of these new you will need to put the rubber foam tape on the edge, and install the carpet kit for it (additional purchase).

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