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JK Hood Bumpers

Hood Bumpers

Part #: 55075590AB

The JK's hood is curved and so is the windshield frame. Now since many of us are used to having the CJ, YJ, and TJ's with the flat hoods and windshield frames, it comes to some dismay that the first time we put our hoods up we either end up with a dent line, or scratch's all over the small area where the hood now rests on the windshield frame when we put it back. Even worse is being really careful, just to have the technician at the Jeep dealership throw it back and do this for us.

Additional Parts:
(2) Jeep TJ Hood bumpers #55075590AB
Touch up paint in your color.

Tools Needed:
3/8" Drill
Measuring tape
Center Punch


I decided to use the TJ hood bumpers over the JK's simply because they were shorter and I had them laying around in the garage. The lower profile does look better on your hood than the big JK ones.
This is much easier to do if you put your top back or pull your panels on the hardtop.
I place some blue painters tape in the center and along the edge of the windshield frame. This protected my paint when I open and close my hood.
After opening the hood, Place a piece of tape in the area that the hood rests against the windshield. Now shut your hood.
Place a few rows of tape on your hood above and below the piece of tape you applied earlier.
Measure down from the edge of the footman's loop 11" (repeat on other side) and draw a line across the hood on the tape.
If your wondering where we are going to drill, the spots would be 11 1/2" from the center of the footman's loop bolts.
Draw a line 3 3/4" from the center line of the hood along the previously marked line. This will set our bumpers 7 1/2" apart and just into the reinforcement under the hood.
Drill a small pilot hole first, so that you can check positioning. You should in the center of the hood reinforcement. Adjust your drill as necessary. You want to be at the point where the 2 pieces are glued together, not into the void. You can go wider, but that will require you to drill a hole into the reinforcement to access the nipple on the bottom of the bumper. Drill out hole to 3/8".
Be careful when you are drilling. The intake is right below the passenger side hole.
Push, pull and twist the bumpers into the holes, until they are seated. This can take a little patients, and standing on the bumper.
Finished project. Now I don't worry about the technicians putting my hood up. The area where I drilled is strong and doesn't deflect, so I'm not as worried about denting the hood.


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