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Mopar Trailer Wiring Harness

Mopar Trailer Harness

Part #: 82208579

I figured I should put this harness in since I've towed a couple of things and ran a good risk when the sun went down getting the trailer back to the house.  I looked at the ones that were in the stores and decided to go back to the plug and play set up from MOPAR.  Sometimes OEM parts are the best way to go.

Additional Parts:
Tools Needed:
1/8" drill bit
5/16" wrench


1. You will be connecting the harness to the passenger side light circuit.  It is located under the passenger side rear fender well insert.  Make certain you give it a couple good taps to knock some of the dirt loose.  Dirt does not taste good. Disconnect the negative lead on the battery like always. rear fender well
2. Pull out the retaining clip with a pair of pliers.  Don't worry about damaging it, you get another one with the kit. remove retaining clip
3. You may see the light connector up along side the body wedged between it and the charcoal canister.  It will be wrapped in a piece of protective foam.  Pull it down to just below the bracket for the canister and take off the foam.  To undo the connector, feel around until you find the clip on one side.  Push down and pull the connector apart.  This is not easy to do. light connector
4. Pull out your new harness and the zip ties that come with it.  The big long ones are used to zip tie the harness to the factory trailer hitch. new harness
5. Connect the trailer harness into the vehicle harness.   connecting the harness
6. Now you will need to drill a 1/8" hole into the metal box right above the rear body mount.  There is another hole already drilled nearby, but I didn't want to modify the harness with a new lug just to be able to use that hole.

drilling hole

7. Put some touch up paint on the hole and let dry.  Then screw in the white wire with a 5/16" wrench.  I pointed the lug upwards to keep the wire out of harms way. installing ground wire
8. Now feed the trailer harness over the frame to the rear of the gas tank and zip tie the wires up and out of the way. zip tie wires
9. Now fold the flap back on the wheel well insert and install the new retaining clip in the hole. reinstall fender well flap
10. I just zip tied the harness to my tire chain holes for the time being until I get my new bumper and come up with a more permanent mounting position.   zip tie harness to bumper
The MOPAR plug comes with a dust cap to protect the connector from debris. install dust cap
You do get a couple extra parts with the MOPAR wiring harness.  You get a trailer side connector and a mounting bracket for your vehicle trailer harness.  The 4-pin connector locks into this.  It is mounted by drilling two holes in something nearby. trailer side harness parts

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