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Kidde Fire Extinguisher

Kidde Fire Extinguisher

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I have been off road a few times and around enough older vehicles to have witnessed and assisted in extinguishing a few small fires. I quickly learned that those small fire extinguishers that a few people carry around don't quite cut it when you try to extinguish a fire. They run out before the fire runs out, so don't do much good. I have been amazed a few times that I was the only one in the group that had a fire extinguisher in the Jeep. A fire can happen quick, and running all the way back to a Jeep in the back of the row to get a fire extinguisher and running back usually ends in a badly burned Jeep.

Additional Parts:
Kiddie Fire Extinguisher
Quick Fist Mounts

Tools Needed:
Drill Bit
Philllips Screw Driver
Combo Wrench


Here is what I used. I used a Kiddie 210 Fire extinguisher for a few reasons. Large capacity, works on Class A, B, and C fires, and is rechargeable. Most of the time recharging is cheaper than buying a new one. That and since they were on Sale at Lowes and I had a 10% coupon it just worked out to be around $20.
Kidde Fire Extinguisher

Quick Fist Mount
I have the Tuffy Rear Security Drawer installed in my Jeep, so I have some nice flat plates on each side to mount stuff to. I was working on a power inverter and 12vdc outlets on the Passenger side, so the Drivers side would get my fire extinguisher.
I test fitted the fire extinguisher in place. I didn't want the nozzle pointed towards anyone in the vehicle, and I needed to place it far enough in to allow the soft top to fold down.
I then checked which direction I needed to install the Quick Fist® holders. Most of the time I have the top down so the fire extinguisher will be accessed from the side of the Jeep.
I then put down some blue painters tape where the holders would rest. I used one quickfist to mark where the holes needed to be and then measured and marked for the next holder so that they would line up.
Now drill holes sized for your fasteners. I used #10 srews and nylock nuts.
Insert the screws with washers through the Quick Fist® holder.
Install the Quick Fist® holders on to the Tuffy Box.
Mount the Fire Extinguisher in the Quick Fist® holders.
The larger holders are designed to hold bottle much larger than the fire extinguisher that I used, so I trimmed off the extra tab on the strap.

Quick Fist®
End Of The Road, Inc.
1209 Beddington Park
Nashville, TN 37215
Phone: (615) 828-2600

Kidde Fire Extinguisher

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