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Differential Cover Alignment Pins

Differential Cover Alignment Pins

Part #:

I got tired of trying to hold the cover into place and attempting to install the bolts without haveing the cover slide around every time I changed out the differential oil on the Jeep, or truck. While the factory covers are fairly light, the after market covers are down right heavy by comparison. They get a little more difficult to hold into place while you put the bolts in. Many times I ended up wiping off the sealant and starting all over again. I constantly used alignment pins at work when we were installing heavy covers, so why not make a set for the Jeep. This way you can put the sealant on the differntial, install the pins, and just slide the cover down into place. The pins will hold the cover in position while you put in the rest of the bolts, then just remove the pins and install the bolts in their place.

Additional Parts:
(3) 5/16 18 x 3" bolts

Tools Needed:


Making the pins:
1. Purchase 3 bolts from your local hardware store. I always found that having a spare was a good thing, and since you had the tools out, one more wasn't a big deal.
2. Clamp the bolt in the vice (thread side in vice) becareful of the threads, you don't want to damage them. Then hack the head off with a hacksaw or sawzall.
3. With the bolt still in the vice, take the grinder or file and round off the cut end of the bolt. Now you have a pin.



  N-m Ft. Lbs. In. Lbs.

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