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Hood Bumpers

Hood bumpers

Part #: 55075590AB

Most Jeepers fold their hood back up against the windshield.  Eventually this leads to scratches or a dent across the hood.  The one time I didn't do this and I actually put the little holder up, the wind promptly folded the hood back against the windshield for me, luckily it was only a dented hood.  So I decided to install 2 more bumpers on the hood so that I could fold it back and not worry about it.

Additional Parts:
(2) Hood Bumpers - Mopar #55075590AB
Touch up Paint (Your color) Patriot Blue 04889407AA
Tools Needed:
3/8" drill bit
Tape Measure
Masking Tape
Dremel with grinding wheel or file



1. I put the hood up and measured to where it was hitting and then marked lines on masking tape so that I knew where to drill.  The original marks were 12" in from hood line or 16 1/2" from the other bumper and 23 1/2" apart centered on the hood.  In retrospect I should have went a 1/4" closer to the edge of the hood at 11 3/4". tape on hood
2. I drilled two 3/8" holes and then ground the metal burrs away.  I prepped the area and applied touch up paint.  Now I let this dry for 24 hours, mostly because I had other things to do and didn't get back to it. hole drilled
3. I then pulled the used the pliers to pull the ends of the rubber bumpers through the holes.  The 3/8" hole is really tight so I don't think I will get these back out. bumpers installed
4. I then flipped up the hood to take a look at how the really sat.  As you can see I needed to go about 1/4" closer to the front edge of the hood. hood up

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