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Crawler Concepts Body Mount Hi-Lift Jack Holder

Crawler Conceptz Body Mounted Tire Carrier Hi-Lift Jack Holder

Part #:

This Crawler Conceptz Hi-Lift Jack Mount makes it easy to mount a Hi-Lift jack to your Crawler Conceptz Tire Carrier. The mount plate is CNC laser cut from 1/4" plate steel, designed to match the angle of the tire carrier. The plate bolts to the tire carrier using the supplied Grade 8 hardware. The Crawler Conceptz Hi-Lift Jack Mount attaches to the Crawler Conceptz Tire Carrier providing quick access to the Hi-lift jack when your JK's back gate is open. You will need to have the body mounted tire carrier already installed to bolt this on.

Additional Parts:

Tools Needed:
/" combo wrench
/" socket
Lug Wrench
Lug Security Key


Here is what you get in the box. Just the plate and some hardware. No instructions at all, so how hard can this be.
1. Remove the spare tire. You will need your lug wrench and security key if you have one.
2. Remove the four (4) bolts and nuts holding your tire bracket to the tire carrier. You will need a 9/16" combo wrench and a 9/16" socket.  
3. Remember to paint your Hi-Lift holder (bare metal rusts)
4. Position the Hi-Lift holder onto the tire carrier. The tabs point in towards the back of the carrier. It does look like you could weld this onto the carrier before you paint both of them. You can see the two holes in the Hi-Lift holder in the last picture (they are in the shadow of my elbows.) I would have, and probably will, use these to weld the Hi-Lift carrier to the Tire Carrier. The Tire carrier is double walled behind where these holes are.
5. Reinstall the tire bracket onto the tire carrier in the same position you had it before.
I did note that the bolts were a little short if you have two washers installed. I will replace these bolts with longer ones in the future. The nylon barely grabs the last thread of the bolt. I replaced these with 1 1/2" long bolts.
6. Install the bolts for the Hi-Lift Jack. I ran the nuts down on the back side just to make sure they didn't fall out.
7. Reinstall your tire. As you can see the bolts won't fall out with a 35" tire mounted. Though I do not like how the lower one presses against the tire. I think that the holes should be cut square on the tire side so that you can use a carriage bolt.
This is how it sits behind a 35" tire. Fairly well hidden and the top of the tire now has something to press against.
This is what it looks like with the Hi-Lift mounted to it. The only rattle I get is the head and foot of the Hi-Lift moving around when I hit bumps.
I replaced the 7/16" bolts with some Stainless 1/2" bolt, washers, and wing nuts. These fit the hole in the carrier better and don't move around as much. The Hi-Lift sits tight against the holder. Only problem is you do need a wrench to hold the bolt while you undo the wing nut. Next time I play with this I will ream the holes square so I can use a carriage bolt.


Crawler Conceptz

1231 S. Buena Vista St. Ste E
San Jacinto CA 92583
Phone: 951.654.0136

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