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Synergy Rear Anti-sway bar links JK

Synergy Rear Anti-Sway Bar Links

Part #: 8060

I finally replaced the old anti-sway bar links that I had on the rear of the Jeep with some quality links. I was able to pick up a set Poly Performance's Synergy Rear links from a friend of mine who went with a Currie setup in the rear and never used these. They were still in the plastic. The Synergy links are similar to the factory OEM setup with a rubber bushing on the lower side and a tie rod style end on the top. This gives the link plenty of flex and offers some sound and shock isolation. These are not greaseable ends, but the only link I have ever pulled apart should have been replaced years before I broke it, so I'm not to worried about these.

Additional Parts:

Tools Needed:
14mm combo wrench
15mm combo wrench
17mm combo wrench
18mm combo wrench
19mm combo wrench
18mm Socket

Synergy 8060

The parts. The links came nestled inside each other, so the threads were in good shape, but I ran the nuts down over the threads anyways to make sure I had no surprises before I installed them.
One of my bushing came a little pushed out, but nothing a vice and a large socket didn't fix. Just needed to be pressed in a little.
1. Remove the rear anti-swaybar links with a 18mm socket and combo wrench for the lower bolt and a 18mm socket and 19mm combo wrench for the upper stud.
2. Adjust the length of the anti-sway bar links. The tie rod end screws in and out of the shaft and is held by a jam nut. On lifts 4.5" or less they need to be screwed all the way in (almost). Line up the upper mount parallel with the lower mount eye. Then tighten the Jam nut using a 17 and 19mm combo wrench.
3. Repeat the above for the other anti-sway bar link. Make sure they are the same length.
4. Install the new rear anti-swaybar links on the outside of the axle bracket. This is the side closest to the tire. The head of the bolt should be on the shockside of the anti-swaybar link so that the excess threads will not interfere with the shock.
The upper link has a set of flats on the shaft that you can hold with a 14mm combo wrench while you use a 15mm combo wrench to tighten the nut.

Finished product. Make sure that it doesn't interfer with the brake lines, or wheel and tire.


Synergy Mfg.
870 Industrial Way
San Luis Obispo, CA

(805) 242-0397

  N-m Ft. Lbs. In. Lbs.
Lower anti-sway bar bolt   50  
Upper anti-sway bar nut   50  

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