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July’s Episode of Throttle Out Goes Off-Road & Looks At Some Crucial Trail Mods

Ryan Huck Hits the Trails for Some Hardcore Crawling

July’s Episode of Throttle Out Goes Off-Road & Looks At Some Crucial Trail Mods



MALVERN, Pa. (July 14, 2017) – In this month’s episode of Throttle Out, Ryan Huck heads off-road with a 4-door JK to test out an array of off-road mods that are a necessity for any enthusiast. Ryan and the ExtremeTerrain team headed to Rausch Creek Off-Road Park with a 2016 4-door JK that has been outfitted with everything from a lift kit and 35” tires to skid platers and rocker armor, putting the rig in some tough spots on the trail to show off the benefit of all the rugged mods.

Outfitted with a Rock Krawler 3.5” X Factor Lift Kit that comes with FOX Shocks, brake lines, all 8 control arms, track bars, sway bar disconnects, and 35” tires, this JK offers a lot of articulation, allowing it to crawl down trails that would be intimidating to stock rigs. To show off how much clearance it has, Ryan took the rig down one of the more challenging trails at Rausch Creek, effortlessly piloting it over a trail of large rocks and boulders.

But the highlight of this build isn’t as much the suspension setup as it is the armor. With a robust amount of armor, you do not need to worry about clearance as much due to having the important drivetrain and engine components covered. This rig featured skid plates as well as an oil/trans skid plate that Ryan showcased by high-centering the rig on a small boulder. Without fail, the skid plates kept everything safe and protected and didn’t stop Ryan from wheeling down the trail.

Often an overlooked upgrade by a crucial one none the less, are rock sliders. Ryan outfitted with this JK with a set of Barricade Off-Road Rock Sliders and showed how robust they are by slamming them on some rocks. Since they bolt in directly to the frame, they work to protect your rocker panels as well as function as a side step.

Going off-roading is one of the best parts of owning a Wrangler, but to get the most out of it, you’ll want to make sure your rig is up for the challenge with the right parts.

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